McDowell County Schools

Unleashing the potential of every student every day.

Dear Parents, Students and Staff:
The mission statement for McDowell County Schools is to unleash the potential of every student every day. When one stops and thinks about what this truly means, we soon realize this is an awesome responsibility for all stakeholders.
Parents, you have the challenge of instilling in your child the realization that they have unlimited potential. You must also teach that potential alone does not equate to success, but potential combined with a good work ethic and perseverance always equals success.
Students, you have the task of being in school every day with an attitude that expresses your desire to enhance your potential. Being there is not enough, you must be involved and help guide your education.
Staff members, we must be focused on cultivating each individual students academic potential. Not only enhancing the obvious, but also uncovering the hidden potential that exists for all students.
These are challenging responsibilities for all of us, but I firmly believe that the great people of McDowell County can “unleash the potential of every student every day”.

Nelson Spencer

Nelson K. Spencer

Last Modified on January 16, 2009