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Insuring Success at Welch Elementary

     The 2012-2013 school year is going very well.  Our students are continuing to build skills, positive study habits, and collaborate to enhance their learning. The dedicated teachers at Welch Elementary make each day fun and engaging for our students. Our students are immersed in technology and have many opportunities each day to use a variety of tech tools and to interact with their peers through collaborative classroom work.  By using a variety of best practices, we are insuring that our students continue to improve.  At any given time, you will see happy engaged students eager to learn new things.
Fourth graders use Microsoft Word to make a document, attach it, and sent it as an e-mail to other fourth graders.
Students use laptops for testing, writing, and researching.
Title I iPad     Title I Ipads2
Teachers use iPads to enhance instruction and reinforce skills.  Soon more than 200 iPads will arrive for student use.
make a book 1          Noun Book
Another best practice used at WES is incorporating hands-on activities.  These students are learning about nouns by making and reading their very own noun book.
Below you see second graders using a deck of cards to learn their math facts.
card facts
team work
Collaborating with peers makes learning fun.
Number Hunt          SmartBoard
Taking a tour of the building to find numbers was a great way to enhance math skills.  Another way to enhance math and other subjects is to use the SmartBoard.  Students eagerly use this technology tool to manipulate items to solve math problems, play educational game, and browse through informative websites in their quest for knowledge. 
We S.O.A.R. ( Safe Organized Accountable Respectful  ) at Welch Elementary to make learning fun, inspiring, and to insure a bright future for our children.