Anawalt Elementary School

''Building life-long learning skills today, for a successful tomorrow''



      Core Beliefs and Values:

    Anawalt Elementary School believes that: school is a part of a life-long learning process leading to new knowledge and personal growth; educational achievement is a collaborative process engaging students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community; all students have a right to learn in a safe, secure, caring, and positive environment where students are valued as learners and their efforts and achievements are recognized.

    School Goals:

     1. To increase academic achievement for every student; which shall be measured by the West Virginia Accountability Index.

    2. To increase partnership among staff, students, families, and community members that support teaching and learning, as evidenced by the 2016 Title 1 Parent, Teacher, and Student surveys.


    Anawalt Elementary's Mascot:  Comet

    Anawalt Elementary's school colors:  Red and White



    Anawalt Elementary School

    P.O. Box 230

    Anawalt, WV 24808

    (304) 383-4849 telephone

    (304) 383-4674  fax


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