Serving Homeless Children and Youth


    McKinney Vento Act

    All schools and districts receiving federal funds must ensure that services are provided to children and youth who are experiencing homelessness.

    Under the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, the term “homeless children and youth” refers to students who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate night-time residence.
    The federal McKinney Vento Act and West Virginia state law and policy guarantee that you can enroll in school if you live:
    • In a shelter (family shelter, domestic violence shelter, youth shelter or transitional living program)
    • In a motel, hotel, or weekly rate housing 
    • In a house or apartment with one or more family because of economic hardship or loss
    • In an abandoned building, car, at a campground, on the street
    • With friends or family because you are a runaway or unaccompanied youth
    • In substandard housing (no electricity, no water, and/or heat)
    Contact the school district liaison, Peery Blankenship perry.blankeship@k12.wv.us  or call 304-436-8441 Ext 240  for help in enrolling in a new school or arranging to continue in the school you have been attending.

    Contact the new school and provide any information necessary to assist the teachers in helping you adjust to the new circumstances.

    Ask the school district liaison – Perry Blankenship perry.blankesnship@k12.wv.us (304)436-8441 Ext 222 at the McDowell County Board Office or Amanda Peyton afragile@k12.wv.us (304) 436-8441 Ext 250, shelter staff, school administrator, or a school social worker for assistance. We are here to ensure your child's needs are met to be successful! 
           You may also:
    • Continue to attend the school in which you were last enrolled, even if you have moved away from that school’s attendance zone or district;
    • Receive transportation from the current residence back to the school of origin;
    • Participate fully in all school activities and programs for which you are eligible; and
    • Contact the district liaison to resolve any disputes that arise during the enrollment process.