• Social Studies Fair: School Level/County Level

    Single Projects

    Geography: 1st Place, Hailey Sullivan "Here Comes Santa Clause"

    Psychology: 1st Place, Laura Gressn "Life Without Music" 1st Place County

    Sociology: 1st Place, Lewis Green "Spin Out of Control" 1st Place County

                      2nd Place, Connor Bishop "Sinking Titanic"

                      3rd Place, Keylee Lester "The Day of the Dead"

    State and Local Studies: 1st Place, Payton Jones "Coal Mining in McDowell"

    US History: 1st Place, Addison Honosky "Statue of Liberty" 1st Place County

                        2nd Place, Jericka Stanley "Salem Witch Trials"

                        3rd Place, Maggie Mullins "My Little Pony"

    World History: 1st Place, Adyn Lockhat "The History of Nintendo" 3rd Place County

                             2nd Place, Jaden Riffe "WW2"


    Group Projects

    Economics: 1st Place - Miley trent, Cheyenne Riley, Madison Carter "The Hostory of Money"

    World History: 1st Place - Maleah Hunt, Evan Lester, Devan Lester, Austin Lester "WW2" Honorable Mentioned County

                            2nd Place - Alexis Edwards, Breanna Lester "The History of Halloween"

                            3rd Place - Austin Matney, Paden Justice "Hindenburg"