• The community school initiative is a national movement based on the idea that increased rigor and improved instructional pedagogy alone are not enough to improve academic achievement. A community school is one where the needs that students have that interfere with their readiness to learn get addressed through wrap around services aimed at those students and their families.

    The premise is simple.  Before educators can hope to see students move very far up Bloom's Taxonomy, they have to address Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.
    Southside has a Community School Steering Committee that collects public input to decide what needs should be focused on, guides the effort to create a community school at Southside, look for grant funding, and makes suggestions about how to spend those grant funds. This Steering Committee is working to open the Big Creek gym to the public as a community center, address Southside's attendance issues, enrich Southside's after school program with art/music instruction and more physical activity, bring a school-based health center to Southside, and bring adult education programs (like GED classes) to Southside.
    Our Community School Steering Committee was formed in the spring of the 2013-14 school year. At the moment it has 19 members:
    • Cheryl Cruey - Principal of Curriculum & Instruction
    • Dan Cyphers - City of War
    • Debbie King - The TEAM Center
    • Elishia Pierce - Southside School Counselor
    • Dr. Eloise Elliott - McDowell CHOICES
    • Flo Christian McGuire - Principal
    • Greg Cruey - Chair; American Federation of Teachers, McDowell (Local #4906)
    • Inga Barker - Assistant Superintendent
    • Irene Masterson - Retired Teacher
    • Jennifer Bragg - Southside Teacher 
    • Kathie Whitt - McDowell County FACES
    • Kenny Birchfield - Project AWARE
    • Kenny Cline - Pastor, Word Assembly of God
    • Leeann Stutso - War Volunteer Fire Department
    • Maranda Bland - Retired Teacher
    • Sarah Muncy - Southside Community School Facilitator
    • Shawn Boone - Into the Light Ministries
    • Shelia Muncy - Save the Children