School Readiness

    West Virginia defines kindergarten readiness as a stage of transition that encompasses the child’s various learning experiences and general knowledge, physical well-being, social and emotional development, and familiarity and ease with expressing themselves and understanding language. Children develop holistically and at an individual rate. As a result, children enter school with varied levels of skill and learning experiences. These variances are further impacted by the resources children have access to prior to entering school including home, family and community supports.

    Since each child’s degree of readiness differs and is highly individualized, kindergarten readiness also entails the capacity of schools to be prepared to serve all children effectively regardless of a child’s individual developmental level in each of the five developmental domains of school readiness.

    The five developmental domains of school readiness are:
    Language development and communication
    Cognition and general knowledge
    A child’s individual approaches to learning
    Social and emotional development 
    Health and physical development  
    Is my child ready for Kindergarten? Is my child ready for 1st grade?
     Follow this link to learn how school readiness is a comprehensive approach for families, schools, and communities to work together to provide all children opportunities to success and become lifelong learners.