• Safe and Drug Free Schools

    Character Education
    A comprehensive approach to develop and integrate character development into all aspects of school culture, school function and existing curriculum.
    • Recognizes the six positive character traits: respect, responsibility, caring, citizenship, justice and fairness, and trustworthiness
    • Requires partnerships between the schools, students, parents, business, civic, and faith communities
    Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation
    The Peer Mediation program is an approach to assisting students in resolving conflict. Students learn the skills necessary to facilitate a process of communication and problem solving.
    • Provides training for teachers to implement the Conflict Resolution Curriculum
    • Provides training for students to become Peer Mediators
    The Drug Abuse Resistance Education program is designed to have a uniformed officer working with fifth/sixth grade students in order to change high-risk behaviors when faced with decision about alcohol and drugs.
    • Teaches students skills for resisting peer pressure to experiment with alcohol and drugs
    • Teaches students skills for improving self-esteem

    Discovery Education

    Discovery Health Connection is a convenient subscription-based online resource that gives educators access to curriculum programs, teacher’s guides, worksheets, videos, literacy lessons, and extension activities addressing critical health and prevention issues.

    Drug Free Community Forum
    A school/community sponsored event which provides drug-free alternatives to McDowell County.
    • Supports healthy, drug-free life styles
    • Builds community coalitions to implement comprehensive alcohol and other drug prevention strategies
    Get Real About Violence
    A violence prevention curriculum designed to target the attitudes and behaviors that underlie violence.
    • Violence is everyone’s problem Violence should not be accepted or tolerated
    • Each of us can be a powerful force in reducing violence
    Life Skills
    Life skills is a prevention program that focuses on social and psychological factors promoting the initiation and early stages of substance use/abuse:
    • Develop personal and social skills
    • Teach a combination of health information, general life skills, and drug resistance skills
    Prevention Resource Officers
    The Prevention Resource Officer Program places law enforcement officers in the schools with the goal of creating and maintaining a safe, secure, and orderly learning environment for students, teachers, and staff:
    • The officers provide law enforcement and public safety education, deter crime, facilitate drug, alcohol, and violence programs
    • Act as mentors and positive role models for students
    Red Ribbon / Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness Week
    Activities and programs designed to enhance school and community drug and alcohol awareness:
    • Create awareness concerning the alcohol and other drug problems facing every community
    • Encourage neighborhood prevention planning and activities
    Respect & Protect
    The R&P program expresses the democratic principal that every child, and adult, has the right to feel respected and protected in school. R&P is the unique result of blending the principles of intervention and its insight into the dynamics of voilence:
    • To ensure the safety and well-being of both students and educators
    • To reduce the severity and frequency of and eventuually to eliminate all incidents of violence from the school setting
    • To eliminate the two pervasice attittudes that directly spawn and support violence in schools: entitlement and tolerance.
    • To create a safe supportive, nurturing, non-punitive atmosphere that is highly conductive to learning
    Responsible Students Program / Positive Behavior Support
    The RSP/PBS program teaches students responsible behaviors. This program assists students in becoming organized and dependable individuals capable of making good judgments for themselves:
    • Provides a safe, disciplined environment in our schools where students are focused on learning and where discipline problems diminish
    • Instills in children the qualities society expects from people; common courtesy, manners, respect for others, self-discipline, and accountability
Last Modified on September 28, 2015