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Mr. Doug Lusk


Name: Doug Lusk
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Phone number: 304-436-2939
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About Me
I was born and raised in Princeton, WV. I'm married and have four children. I have a B.S. in Environmental Science and a Masters in Education. I love working with technology and sharing my knowledge whenever I can. 
  • Students increase their knowledge in the world of science.
  • Students expand their vocabulary and comprehension levels.  
  • Students increase their knowledge in using various technology to help enhance their learning environment. 
Classroom Headlines

Hello everyone, welcome to the 9th-grade science class, (Earth and Space). This year we will be doing multiple activities that will require us to perform research and take that information and develop a research paper. There will also be multiple labs where students will get a more hands-on experience that will help them connect the lessons to their own lives. This year we will be very busy, and it will be a challenge, so I hope that everyone will come to school every day prepared to work and learn as much as we can.  I will require each student to participate in the daily activities; whether it's reading from the text or presenting a project that the group has worked on.

There are several classroom expectations that I do expect the students to follow. My expectations are a way for every student to receive the education they deserve. Cell phones have been the biggest issue in classrooms. When we have cell phones out in class rather it's texting, looking at Facebook, or just checking the time; this causes a distraction among the students. NO ONE has the right to take any part of a student's education from them. This is what happens when we have our cell phones out; it causes a distraction and someone ends-up either missing important information or misunderstands instructions. Listed below are other classroom expectations that I do expect the students to follow.

  • Be a leader
  • Show confidence
  • Be prepared
  • Let everyone learn without disruptions 
  • Do your own work
  • Try your best
  • Be on time
  • Be accountable
  • Turn work in on time
  • Be respectful to everyone

The list below shows how each activity will be graded.

Participation- 10 points per-day. (Students are required to participate in all classroom activities. Disrupting class also affects this grade. If a student is disrupting others, then that student is not fully participating as they should. Each time a student either refuses to participate or disrupts the class by talking out of turn or just being rude will result in a 2-point reduction each time the student is called upon. If the student must be sent out of the room for being disrespectful, the student will lose all points for that day.) Participation will be considered as weighed at 2%. 

Research paper formatting – This year we will focus on how to format our research papers properly. Students must learn how to do this to be more prepared for college and beyond. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, word count, etc., will be checked. I use a website called Grammarly to check each student's work. This website also lets me check to see how much Plagiarism is being used. I tell the students that they are not allowed to have no more than 16% plagiarism. If students turn in their work with more than 16%, they will have only one chance to correct the problem. Any work that goes beyond 16% plagiarism will be given a zero for the grade. Students will be taught and tested on proper formatting techniques. Research papers will start out at 100 points each; then the points will increase over time depending on word count required. Students must also use and list reliable resources, Wikipedia will not be accepted resource. A rubric will be provided.

Vocabulary – Vocabulary is very important because it increases our understanding and increases our knowledge of the world around us. Students will be required to complete all vocabulary words in the chapters being covered. I will let the students know what words they are to work on. Students will not just be writing the words down this year with examples. Students will have to either create a story that has the vocabulary in it or they will have to create a Power Point presentation explaining each word in detail; this means that they must be able to show how it can be connected to a real-life scenario. Vocabulary is worth 100-points. Stories will be graded in the same fashion as research papers. No references will be required. Will be sent to Grammarly; so, watch grammar, spelling, and so forth.

Labs- Labs is a way for students to be able to have a hands-on experience. However, not all lessons will require to have labs. Labs are also determined on students' behavior; I cannot and will not allow students that constantly misbehave conduct lab experiments. Labs can become hazardous if not conducted properly or if someone plays around and does not follow directions that are given. Labs are worth 200-points each. 

Exams-  Exams are used to see how well students are comprehending the material and how well they retain information. Periodically throughout each lesson, students may take an assessment to determine their understanding. Notes should be taken to help students study for exams; however, notes will not be allowed during testing. Students are also encouraged not to talk during testing; it may lead to a reduction in grade. If students require assistance, they must raise their hand and wait for the teacher to respond. Exams are worth 100 points. 

Midterms/Finals -  Midterms and Finals are very important, this gives the teacher and the students an opportunity to look back at what has been learned thus far. It is imperative that students understand that Midterms or Finals can bring their grades below passing if they chose not to pay close attention to the lessons and take detailed notes. Students will be allowed to use their notes during Midterms/Finals; however, students must understand that the questions on the Midterm/Final may or may not be worded the same. Midterms are worth 15% of student's overall grade/Finals are worth 25% of student's overall grade.


All work is due by the due date. Students are given ample time complete each assignment. The only exceptions will be a doctor's excuse. Students are responsible for getting and turning in their missing work. Students must use their school email to send assignments. Students will receive their school email within the first week of school. Any student caught cheating will result in an automatic zero for that assignment and a call home to parents.

Any students or parents that have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


All assignments are listed under the assignments tab of this page. Once assignments become past due for a week or more, that assignment will be removed to make room for others assignments. If parents need to see those assignment deleted, they can be made available upon request. 

 Some portions of this page are subject to change throughout the year to help better accommodate students.