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    Name: Dominique Newbill
    Conference and Planning Time: 11:06-11:54 (5th period)

    About Me
    I am a MVHS Graduate of the class of 2008. I have a B.A. Sociology/Criminology from Concord University with added experience at West Virginia University. I have been a long term substitute certificated in all areas for 3 years. I enjoy teaching and I am looking forward to begin the transition program through the McDowell County Board of Education and Marshall University.
    Classroom Management
    In my classroom, I like to have a fun, entertaining learning environment, while still covering what needs to be covered and connecting that to the world around them. I have a "no cellphones, unless otherwise instructed" policy. I believe that notes are an important part of learning, and I provide a PowerPoint for everything we are covering in class. I also send that to every child as well as the parents on LiveGrades.  Please check and be involved in your child's academic process. 
    Classroom Headlines
    We are currently working on the Civil Rights Movement Era.


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