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Title I

Parents' Right to Know:

In accordance Section 1118 of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, parents of children in a Title I school have the right to request information about the qualifications of their child's teacher(s). This information will be made available to you upon your request to the school principal.

Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act is the largest program of federal aid for elementary and secondary education. The program was instituted in 1965 by President Lyndon Johnson to improve educational opportunities and to close the achievement gap between rich and poor students and between minority and White students.

As mandated in the legislation, the funds are authorized for educators' professional development, instructional materials, resources to support educational programs, and parental involvement.

Title I Schools

Anawalt Elementary
Bradshaw Elementary
Fall River Elementary
Iaeger Elementary
Kimball Elementary
Welch Elementary
Southside K-8


 Menu of Title I Services

In-Class Instructional Support
Supplemental Tier II & III Reading and Math Instruction
Professional Development
Summer School Programs
Family Engagement Activities
Family Workshops
Online Resources
Understanding Your Child’s Data Support Services
Title I Interventionist Facilitators
Technology Integration Services
Family Literacy Assistants
Family Advisory Council
Graduation Coaches

Central Office Staff

Amanda Fragile, Director
30 Central Avenue
Welch, WV 24801
Phone: (304) 436-8441 ext 251
Fax: (304) 436-6393
Joe Norris, Technology Coordinator
30 Central Avenue
Welch, WV  24801 
Phone: (304) 436-8441 ext 242
Fax: (304) 436-6393
Jan Williams, Secretary
30 Central Avenue
Welch, WV 24801
Phone: (304) 436-8441 ext 250
Fax: (304) 436-6393