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    Name: Jonathan Kuhn
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    Phone number: (304)
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    About Me
     grew up in the Madison/Danville area of Boone County and graduated from Scott High School in 1984. I have worked at many different occupations including newspaper delivery, pool boy, fast food worker, lawn care worker, U.S. Army, construction worker, roofing contractor, heavy equipment operator, & big rig truck driverI have three sons, Christopher (32), Joshua (30), and Zack (26) who are also all professional boxers. I have coached boxing for 21 years and football 15 years. I also enjoy hip-hop/rap & heavy metal music. I started college at age 36 in 2002, and graduated from WV State University in 2008 with a BA in History. I began as a substitute teacher in Boone County Schools as I worked on my Master’s degree. I graduated from University of Phoenix with a MA in Social Studies Ed. In 2012. My first full time teaching job was here at Mt. View teaching 7th grade Social Studies. I was welcomed by this community in such a way that I felt more at home here than I did where I grew up. So, I relocated to Welch, and I love it here so much, I have not even looked for any other job. I look forward to continue working at Mt. View with the great group of young kids from our community.

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