• Welcome to 2nd and 3rd grade

    Name: Mrs. Rose Mary Keys
    Email Address: rkeys@k12.wv.us
    Phone number: (304) 383-4849
    Conference and Planning Time:  1:00 PM to 1:40 PM

    About Me
    I am the 1st and 2nd grade teacher at AES. At the end of this year, I will have taught in McDowell Co. my entire teaching career.   I enjoy teaching our future leaders.  I have lived in McDowell County my entire life.  I have 2 children, Lillian and Patrick.  I also have2 grandchildren, Eli and Chloe.  I attend church at Crumpler UMC.  I am the director of the children department and a Sunday School Teacher for grades 1-3. In enjoy cross-stitching, crocheting, and reading.  I also enjoy keeping my grandchildren whenever possible.
    Classroom Management
    I have classroom expectations listed in my room for the children to follow. 


     A snapshot of things your child should be able to do by the end of 2nd Grade...


    • Ask and answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text.
    • Describe characters, setting and major events of a story using illustrations and details.
    • Know spelling-sound correspondences for additional common vowel teams.
    • Read grade-level text orally with accuracy, appropriate rate, and expression on successive readings.
    • Identify the main topic of a multi-paragraph text as well as the focus of specific paragraphs within the text.
    • Acknowledge differences in the points of view of characters, including by speaking in a different voice for each character when reading dialogue aloud.
    • Recognize and read grade-appropriate irregularly spelled word.
    • Identify beginning, middle and ending sounds of words.
    • Read with purpose and understanding.



    •  Gather information to produce a writing project.
    • Write informative/explanatory texts in which they introduce a topic.
    • Write narratives in which they recount an event or short sequence of events, include details.
    • Use capitalization and punctuation correctly.
    • Understand the meaning of high-frequency words.


    • Fluently add and subtract within 20 using mental strategies.
    • Read and write numbers to 1000 using base-ten numerals, number names, and expanded forms.
    • Add and subtract within 1000, using concrete models or drawings and strategies based on place value.
    • Order objects by length.
    • Tell and write time from analog and digital clocks to the nearest five minutes, using a.m. and p.m.
    • Draw a picture graph and a bar graph.
    • Recognize and draw shapes having specified attributes, such as a given number of angles or a given number of equal faces.
    • Partition a rectangle into rows and columns of same-size squares and count to find the total number of them.


    Anawalt Elementary staff will work with students and their families to support students’ success in the Next Generation Standards for reading and math. 

    Some of our key connections with families will be: 

    • Students and teachers will track student data through the use of a data binder.
    • Teachers will send home reading/math newsletters listing vocabulary words, skills, and strategies used during the week.
    • Teachers will participate in after-school student/parent conferences, and math/reading night.
    • Teachers/students will set math and reading goals and monitor their progress.
    • Parent/teacher communications, signed papers, and homework will be sent home with the child in their student homework folder each week.
    • Reading/Math test result will sent home to show skill mastered and skills that need reviewed.
     AT HOME

    Anawalt Elementary staff and parents jointly developed ideas about how families can support students’ success in reading and math.  

    Some of our key at-home activities will be: 

    • Check the student homework assignment book each night and make sure homework is complete.
    • Discuss my child’s math and reading goals and monitor their progress.
    • Review the high frequency words for each story with my child through oral practice, games, flashcards, etc.
    • Read a story with my child each day and ask comprehension questions to be sure they understand the story.
    • Work with my child to read, and know math facts to 20.
    • Attend parent conferences and parent activities.
    • The students will participate in the “Book It” Program by doing Book Reports on weekly books.

    Classroom Headlines
    I am looking forward to the 2018-2019 school year!
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