McDowell County Schools

Unleashing the potential of every student every day.

   1. Curriculum
   Graduation Requirements 1-004

   Regulations for the Education of Students with Exceptionalities 1-005

   Assuring the Quality of Education and Programs of Study 1-006 

   West Virginia's Universal Access to Early Education System 1-007

   Multicultural Education 1-008 

   Standards for High Quality Schools 1-009 

   Education Philosophy 1-010

2. Educational Personnel Development 

   Professional Staff Development Policy and Staff Development Council 2-001

   Service Staff Development Policy and Staff Development Council 2-001a

   Principal Internship 2-004 

3. Facilities and Equipment 

   Prohibition on Use of Aerosols etc 3-000 

   Use of Facilities/Property 3-001

   Housekeeping Regulations 3-002

   Purchase and Installation of Equipment 3-003

   Employee's Use of Board Vehicles 3-004

   Reward for Information 3-005

   Policy for Naming District Facilities 3-006

   Bomb Threat Procedure 3-007

   Asbestos-Containing Materials in School Buildings 3-009 

4. Finance

   Nutrition Program - Employees Charging Meals 4-000 

   Purchasing Procedures 4-001 

   Outstanding Expenditure To Be Paid Within 30-45 Days 4-002 

   Individual School Funds Management 4-003 

   Travel Reimbursement 4-004 

   Maintenance of Effort-Equivalence Policy 4-005

   Athletic Finances 4-007 

   Payroll Deductions 4-009 

   Commercial Agents -Soliciting 4-011 

   Gifts 4-013

5. Food Service 

    Food Service 5-001

6. Instruction 

   Textbook Adoption 6-001

   Alternative Delivery of Education Programs 6-002 

   Recovery of Lost Instructional Time and Creation of the School Calendar 6-004 

   Athletic Contests/School Dismissed 6-006

   Home/Hospital Instruction 6-008 

   Educational Purpose and Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources, Technologies, and the Internet 6-011

   Homework Policy 6-012 

7. Organization and Administration 

   Levels of Authority-Organizational Chart 7-003 

   Delegation by Superintendent 7-005 

   School Board Effectiveness 7-010 

   Disability Harassment/Discrimination: Students/Employees 7-012

   Policy Development 7-013

8. Personnel Management 

   Hiring Employment Procedures 8-000 

   Reduction in Force and Transfer Policy 8-000a 

   Non-discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunities 8-001

   Scheduling & Use of Unpaid Non-Work Days for 240-Day Employees 8-008

   Work Day for Teachers 8-009

   Workers' Compensation 8-010

   Contracts and Compensation 8-014 

   Salary Schedules 8-015 

   Family & Medical Leave Policy & Notice of Employee Rights and Responsibilities 8-018

   Substitute Personnel- Refusal to Work 8-019 

   Employee Code of Conduct 8-022 

   Athletic Activities/Minimum Standards 8-023

   Bonus for Early Notification of Retirement  8-026

   Substitute Administrator Pay 8-027 

   Service Credit for Service Personnel Employees 8-028

   Traffic Violations 8-029 

   Acceptable Dress for McDowell County School Employees 8-031 

   Employee Use of Paid and Unpaid Leave Time 8-034

   Compensated Time Off for Attendance at Professional Meetings and for Other Approved Purposes 8-036

   Extra Duty Assignments - Bus Drivers 8-037

   Personnel Performing Governmental Assignments 8-038 

   Voter Registration 8-039

   Professional Personnel Evaluation 8-040

   Access to Personnel Records 8-041 

   Grievance Procedures 8-042

   Identification Name Tags 8-049

   Drug-Free Work Place Policy 8-050 

   Service Evaluation 8-051

   Reduction in Force Professional Personnel: Lateral Positions 8-052

   Transportation Employee Alcohol and Controlled Substance Policy 8-053 

   Employee-Student Relationships 8-056 

   Substitutes in Areas of Critical Need and Shortage 8-058

   Wellness Policy 8-060 

   Electronic Communication Devices Policies and Guidelines School Personnel 8-061 

   Use of Federal Funds for Tuition Reimbursement & HQ Teacher Policy 8-062

   County Superintendent Performance Evaluation 8-063

9. Planning and Evaluation 

    Measures of Academic Progress and Program Accountability 9-001

10. School-Community Relations 

   Open Meetings Policy 10-001

   Delegations to Board Meetings 10-002 

   Visitation to School Buildings and Grounds 10-003 

   Citizens' Appeal 10-005

   Broadcast Rights for School Events 10-012

   Access to Public Records and Copying Fees 10-013 

   Parent-Family-Community Involvement 10-014

   Carrying of Dangerous and Deadly Weapons On or About MCS Property 10-015 

   Title I Parent Involvement 10-020

   Veterans Funeral Assistant Community Service Policy 10-021

11. Students

   Grading Policy 11-001

   Promotion & Retention 11-002

   Academic Honor Roll-Student Recognition 11-005

   Dropping or Adding A Class 11-0006 

   Criteria for Participation in Graduation Exercises in High Schools 11-007 

   Early Graduation 11-008 

   Health Screenings 11-011

   Administration of Medication 11-012 

   McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Policy 11-014

   Closed Campus Student Policies and Guidelines 11-017 

   School Parties for Students 11-020 

   Accident Insurance for Students 11-021

   Field Trips and Foreign Travel 11-022

   Student Transfer within County 11-023 

   Procedures for Collection Maintenance and Disclosure of Student Records 11-026

   Attendance/School Attendance as Condition of Licensing...11-027 

   Expected behavior in Safe and Supportive Schools 11-028

   Repeating a Class 11-029

   Simulated Workplace Drug-Free Policy 11-030

   Unsafe School Choice Policy 11-032

   Standards for Basic and Specialized Heath Care Procedures 11-033

   Student Dress and Grooming 11-035 

   Corporal Punishment 11-037

   Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 11-039

   Embedded Credit Policy 11-040 

   Dual Credit 11-041 

   Insurance 11-042 

   Eligibility Rules for Student Participation 11-043

   Parental Permission for Participation in Inter-School Athletics 11-047

   Advanced Placement Into Kindergarten 11-049

   Placement of First Grade Students Who Do Not Meet Age Requirement 11-050 

   High School Ranking and GPA Determination 11-052

   Implementation Guidelines for the Jason Flatt Act of 2012 11-056

   Comprehensive School Counseling Program 11-057

   Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment Notice and Consent/Opt-Out for Specific Activities 11-059 

12. Transportation 

   Transfer of Students by Private Vehicle 12-001

   Transportation Accident Report Policy & Form 12-003

   School Transportation Policy 12-004 

Last Modified on May 4, 2017