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    Name: Kim Addair
    Email Address: kaddair@k12.wv.us
    Phone number: (304)967-7700
    Conference and Planning Time: 12:00-1:00

    I would like to welcome our Kindergarten students and families to the 2015-16 school year! I have been teaching Kindergarten for 8 years, and I am always excited for another school year! I feel that the key to a child's learning success is for the teacher, families, and student to work together throughout the school year! I am here to teach, guide, and facilitate student learning, as well as assist and work with families to meet the needs of each student! May we all have a successful & fun school year!  
    Helpful Tips for a Successful School Year 
    •  Check backpacks nightly for papers, information, or notes. 
    • Always check weekly folders and return to school. 
    • Read & Practice nightly with your child. 
    • Attend Kindergarten family  night activities 
    • Keep Newsletters for Skills/Upcoming information 
    • Encourage your child to do their best. 
    • Attendance is key! Do your best to have your child at school, and ready to learn! 

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