Kimball Elementary School Counselor's Page

    About me:  Becky Riffe
    Email: rebecca.a.riffe@k12.wv.us
    Phone: Kimball 304-585-7570/ Anawalt 304-585-7570
    About Me:
    My name is Beck Riffe and I am the school counselor
    for Kimball & Anawalt Elementary.  I am married and
    have two wonderful boys.  I am a former foster parent,
    a licensed social worker, and a school counselor.
     Classroom Management:
    On Mon/Wed/Fri, I work at Kimball Elementary and
    Tues/Thurs I work at Anawalt Elementary.  I teach
    developmental guidance in the classroom to students
    from pre-k to fifth grade.  I teach students life skills that
    will enable them to overcome challenges, make healthy
    relationships, and healthy decisions.  Some of the topics
    I address are bullying awareness, accepting diversity,
    self-esteem, peer pressure, gossip/rumors, respect,
    anger management, and impulse control.  
    Classroom Goal:
    My goal is to help the students find their inner
    strength and become the best student they can be. 

     Mrs. Riffe