• 21st Century Community Learning Centers

    McDowell County Schools has received a 21st Century Community Learning Center afterschool grant, which will be used to establish the “DREAMS” program (Developing Realistic Expectations Among McDowell Students). DREAMS will brings a much needed afterschool program which will offer academic remediation, acceleration, and enrichment activities to our students.

    DREAMS Sites
    Site Coordinator
    Kimball Elementary
    Sharon Powell 
    Sandy River Middle
    Amanda Lester 
    Southside K-8
    Jennifer Brag
     Fall River Elementary    Lori Howington

    DREAMS 2 Sites
    Site Coordinator
    Mount View HS
    Carolyn Hayes
    River View HS
    Sheila Staton 
    Welch Elementary
    Bobbi Hatfield

    Click below to view the McDowell 21st CCLC Google Site:
    Bonita Miano, Director
    30 Central Avenue
    Welch, WV 24801
    Phone: (304) 436-8441 ext. 241
    Fax: (304) 436-3048