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Mrs. Shelia Collins

Name: Collins,Shelia
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Phone number: (304) 436-3488
Conference and Planning Time: 10:40-11:15

About Me 
I have been an instructor at MCCTC in Health Science Education/Therapeutic Services program for 4 years. I really enjoy working with our students in both the classroom and the clinical setting. Previous experience as a Registered Nurse (RN) includes: Emergency Room,Neurology,Intensive Care Unit,Long-term care,and Home Health.
Classroom Management
 Classroom management in the HSE/Therapeutic Service program consists of posted classroom rules and clinical rotation rules.Every student is expected to work safely and to pass a saftey exam with 100% prior to practicing skills in the lab that is needed to progress to the clinical rotation at a local nursing home.
FYS Goals

 The Health Science Education/Therapeutic Services Program will utilize innovative technology to prepare students with skills necessary to transition to post-secondary education or to become employed as a Certified Nurse Assistant in a local long-term care facility or as a Direct Care Worker that provides care for individuals within local patient homes.

Classroom Headlines 
The Therapeutic Services program is now beginning to practice skills in the lab. Such skills include:obtaning vital sign measurements (blood pressure,temperature etc.),bed.