McDowell County Schools provide breakfast and lunch to all children daily. Adult employees are also offered the privilege of participating in this program. The Food Service Department has implemented a billing system whereby students and adults may charge meals daily at the school level. Bills are calculated and issued monthly from the school office. This policy represents the guidelines for administering the collection of food service accounts.




    1.Bills will be calculated and issued by the 1st of each month, beginning October 1st.


    2.Payment in full is due 10 days after the bill is received.


    3.All bills will be considered past due if not paid in full by the 20th of each month following the billing.


    4.A second bill will be mailed when the bill becomes past due.


    5.A demand letter will be sent to parents when the bill is 30 days old. Copy sent to Food Service office.


    6.Unpaid accounts become delinquent after 45 days.


    7.All delinquent accounts will automatically lose the privilege of charging. Parents will be notified by mail that charge privileges have been suspended. (Copy sent to Food Service Office.) The letter will include a list of alternatives for lunch. Parent must send cash daily, pay the fill in full, or send a bag lunch. Sending a child to school without money fro a meal or a bag lunch may be interpreted as child neglect by the authorities.


    8.When charge privileges have been suspended, School/Principal must stop charge privileges for the child. Further debt incurred by the child will automatically become the responsibility of the School/Principal and this additional debt will not be a liability of the Food Service Department.


    9.The collection of delinquent accounts may be pursued through a collection agency orMagistrate Court.


    The McDowell County Food Service Department has the authority to track and collect all debts as long as the child is a student of the McDowell County School System; however, circumstances may arise which would justify termination of a debt. These circumstances must be evaluated on an individual basis by the School/Principal and the Food Service Coordinator.


    All cost associated with the collection of an account will become the liability of the debtor.


    Copies of demand letter and notification of suspension are attached.


    References: WVDE Child Nutrition Policy of Operations, Section J-&, WVDE Policy 4320.


    Adoption Date: September 2, 1997



    In order to simplify the billing process and collect over due lunch bills the following timeline may be useful:



    DAY 1 DAY 10 DAY 20 DAY 30 DAY 45



    *Requires copy sent to Food Service Coordinator

    Copy of letter in McD Policy 5-004


    The process stops when the bill is paid in full.


    A student who"s charging privileges have been suspended is not refused a meal.

    They may eat; they may NOT charge the meal. Therefore they must pay ahead, or pay daily.