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Little Red Stockings

             AES Student Advisory Group for Education would like your help in supporting our local Paul Miller Shelter, an emergency shelter for kids taken from their homes for abuse and neglect, which is located in Northfork, WV. This facility takes care of 10 children every day. One of our teachers, Ms. Stansbury, works there as an afterschool tutor and she is there relief case manager.
      The Little Red Stockings are a fundraiser to help support the children for Christmas. Most of them will not be going home to celebrate Christmas with their family; they will be at the shelter on Christmas morning. If you would like to participate, each stocking costs $1. You can put someone's name on the stocking, which will be hung up at the school, to show your support of the shelter.
     Once again, thank you for helping our group support our local shelter!  
     Our AES SAGE group raised $173 for the Paul Miller Shelter. Along with some of our other schools, Iaeger raised $61, Fall River raised $56, Bradshaw raised $100, and Kimball raised $60, our local schools have raised $450 for the shelter for their Little Red Stockings this Christmas!  We want to say "Thank You" for helping us to make Christmas better for some other kids!