McDowell County Schools Strategic Plan Overview


McDowell County's mission is to unleash the potential of every student every day!

Core Beliefs

McDowell County Schools believe in:

  • a clear and focused mission to support learning for all

  • instructional leadership that fosters age-appropriate high yield instructional strategies that lead to student achievement; 

  • establishing high expectations in an environment where all students can learn and succeed; 

  • a positive and safe environment where diversity is embraced and appropriate behavior is expected and supported; 

  • equitable opportunities for students to be provided meaningful learning aligned to state

    standards with timely feedback to support individual student growth; 

  • monitoring student progress utilizing a variety of data guide instructional decisions and

  • purposeful relationships and share responsibilities between families, community and the school to support students’ academic, social-emotional, and physical needs.

2023-2024 District Goals 

Goal 1: MCS will meet or exceed the expected annual improvement targets to reach the 2031 Goal Target for English Language Arts (66.92) and Mathematics (60.75) as measured by the WV General Summative Assessment.

Goal 2: McDowell County Schools will build meaningful family and community relationships to meet the physical, social, emotional and academic needs of students as measured by 2024 Relationships First Survey data conducted in May 2024.

 Goal 3: McDowell County Schools will increase the number of students who attend 90% of the instructional days by promoting a climate and culture of high expectations for staff, students, and families.

To provide input or feedback on the MCS Strategic Plan, please feel free to contact Amanda Fragile Peyton at or call 304-436-8441 Ext 2104.