Bids Solicited

McDowell County Schools is currently accepting bids for the purchase of classroom library book sets to enhance classroom libraries to include novels, informational texts, fiction and non-fiction reading hard back materials for grades PreK - 5.

The district will need the bid to include the title of each book that will be included in each grade level set as well as the price for the set. The bid should include only one copy of each book.

A set needs to be created for grade level PreK, K , 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

All bids are to be sealed and clearly marked “Bids Enclosed McDowell County Schools Classroom Library PK-5 Book Set Bid” on the outside of the envelope. Interested parties can submit sealed bids to 900 Mount View Road Welch WV 24801 not later than 2:00pm on March 15, 2023 and then at said office, publicly opened and read aloud. Questions can be directed to Amanda Peyton at 304-436-8441 or MCS may request an interview to discuss the contents of bid. MCS reserves the right to accept, reject, or modify any bids which the county believes is in its best interest at any time. Bids must be mailed, or delivered, and received by the due date to Amanda Peyton 900 Mount View Road Welch WV 24801.