McDowell County Schools Board Members

mike callaway

Mr. John Callaway, President

Welch, WV

georgia west

Mrs. Georgia West, Vice President

Roderfield, WV

larkin rippeth

Mr. Larkin Rippeth, Member

Bradshaw, WV

Angie robinette

Mrs. Angela Robinette, Member

Kimball, WV

mark shelton

Mr. Mark Shelton, Member

War, WV

Board meetings will begin at 5:00 p.m., unless noted otherwise on the schedule.

Special meetings may have different start times.  Please check the online agenda for correct times. 

Board meetings will be held at the new Board Office located at 900 Mt. View Road, Welch, WV and open to the public. 

*Masks are recommended.  

The public may join the meeting via the Live Audio Feed (using the link to the left). 

What are the Responsibilities and Duties of the Board of Education?

The McDowell County Board of Education is responsible for operating the McDowell County School System in compliance with state laws and within the policies and regulations as set forth by the West Virginia Board of Education. The goals of the Board are to provide the very best educational opportunities possible for more than 2,700 students enrolled in McDowell County Schools.

The Board has executive, legislative, and judicial authority granted by law. Primarily, the Board concerns itself with the policies that govern local schools, and the superintendent and administrative staff are responsible to administer those policies.

When and How is the Board of Education Elected?

The McDowell County Board of Education consists of five members who are elected by the voters of our county in a nonpartisan election. The members are elected and serve alternating four-year terms. The McDowell County Superintendent of Schools serves as the Secretary to the Board.

District Mission

The mission of McDowell County Schools is to provide schools where unleash the potential of every student every day! 

Meeting Schedule

Regular meetings of the McDowell County Board of Education are generally held at 4:30 p.m. on the first and third  Monday of each month at the Phoenix Center located on 275 Virginia Avenue, Welch, WV.  Meetings may be held at a time and place decided and publicized by the board.  For specific dates, view the Board Agendas or the main calendar published on this site.

How Can I Address the Board?

Public participation in meetings of the Board is encouraged under conditions which permit the Board to conduct its business. At each regularly scheduled Board meeting time will be set aside on the Board agenda for residents of McDowell County to make public comments pertinent to McDowell County Schools. Anyone wishing to make a comment will sign the register 15 minutes  prior to the beginning of the meeting listing their name, address, topic to be addressed and group affiliation if applicable.If you would rather address the Board virtually, while we are in the midist of a pandemic, please send an email to Wanda Thomas ( 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. Put Delegation in the subject line and include the following information:

  • Name of Individual/Organization

  • Mailing Address

  • Phone Number

  • Brief statement regarding the nature of your request

  • Indicate whether you have spoken to the principal, director and/or superintendent prior to this request and if so, list whom

Comments will be limited to five minutes per individual and will be regulated by state and board policy (time will not permit more than one person to speak on the same issue, therefore, only one person may speak on a specific topic). No participant may address or question the board members individually. No placards or banners will be permitted within the meeting room. 

Any persons wishing to make a presentation to the Board shall contact the Office of the Superintendent before the agenda is prepared for the session to be addressed, with notice of at least two weeks. Presentations to the Board shall be limited to three minutes or as extended by the permission of the Superintendent. 

Discussions of business shall be among Board members. Participation by others shall be by permission of the Chairman.